With around 18-year experience, Leadwin now have:

▲ 130 injection molding machines
▲ 3 mold processing plants
▲ 2 Research and Development Teams
▲ 4 Foreign Trade Teams
▲ 1 E-Business Teams.
Leadwin is going to Top PVC Ball Valve and Pipe Fittings suppliers in the world.
500 workers, 50000 ㎡ factory area, with 6 assembly lines and mechanized production equipment, we reached 2000 tons per month for the output .

In the development and production of PVC Ball Valve and Pipe Fittings.
Leadwin are playing more and more important role in the PVC Ball Valve R&D、Manufacture and Trade Area.Not only gain the authoritative certificate ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001, UL, Rohs, Reach, but also been the drafter of Chinese National standard of PVC Ball Valve and Pipe Fittings Product.

Leadwin also sells its products into the fields of Agriculture Irrigation,Parking(Garden) Irrigation,entire Water Supply and Drainage Industry, with customers in 50 different countries. Our partners are also all over the world .

▲ Agriculture Irrigation
▲ Parking(Garden) Irrigation
▲ Parking(Garden) Irrigation
▲ Drainage Industry
Industry Pipeline

WE have faith in that our depth of knowledge and experience in the PVC Ball Valves and Pipe Fittings help improve our customer satisfaction.

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