The founder-Mr. Feng Shangxu started his internation business in 2011.
November of 2005, Mr. Feng Shangxu and Mrs. Lu Cui together founded “OMEN INDUSRTAIL CO., LTD.”
September of 2008, NINGBO LEADWIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD. was founded. Mr. Feng and Mrs Lu started working on the team construction for the long-term development of LEADWIN.
October of 2009, LEADWIN attended the China Canton Fair for the first time, which indicated our first step to the international exhibitions.
March of 2010, LEADWIN implemented the operation system of Business Division. Since then, Our company realized one to one post division.
May of 2010, LEADWIN attended the BUILDEX in Syria for the first time.
December of 2011, Mr. Feng Shangxu won the award of “Alibaba Outstanding Net-Entrepreneurs” for the first time.
June of 2012, LEADWIN increased the Photography Department to start the first team construction project.
July of 2013, Mr. Feng Shangxu founded the NINGBO YONGXING CHAMBER OF COMMERCE together with Alibaba members, and being the first president.
September of 2013, LEADWIN started the Performance Management System to comprehensively promote the efficiency and standardized the management.
September of 2014, LEADWIN joined many job fairs in colleges and universities to upgrade the level of team construction to the company strategy.
June of 2015, NINGBO RIPOINT PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. was founded. RIPOINT is the first subsidiary company of LEADWIN.
July of 2015, NINGBO FUAI ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT CO., LTD. was founded for serving more enterprises.
December of 2016, LEADWIN realized the profit growth rate of 50% for the first time, which opened the gate of rapid growth.
February of 2017, Mr. Feng Shangxu won the award of “2017 Alibaba Global Top 10 International Business Pioneers ”. And on behalf of 100,000 Alibaba members, Mr. Feng made an address to share his special ideas on the foreign trade development in future.
May of 2017, LEADWIN broke the sales record of 10,000,000 dollars, and increase a new office with total office area of more than 1,500 square meters.
June of 2017, Mr. Feng Shangxu won the award of “Biggest E-Commerce Impact”.
The future of LEADWIN: Focusing on foreign trade, and serving the team construction of Cross-Border Electronic Commerce to upgrade to a platform company.